Day 35, in this journal

"This too will pass"

Had a phonecall with my daughter today, and it's so good hearing my granddaughters play in the background. Some days I long like crazy to see them, to play and talk with them. They're my 💕 and I'm so grateful I'm around to experience the 'Grandfatherhood'. It's such a blessing to have that and I thank God for helping me be here. It could have turned out in another way..... Let's just say #LifeIsBetterThanTheAlternative

Today it's been a sunny and warm day here with temperatures up to 19 degrees, and that's such a lovely feeling. In fact my arms has even turned a little red after being out on my walkabouts with Ture. It's best to take care of the sun since it looks like the end of this week will be so much colder, and even rainy..

Found this video on Youtube that's a celebration to the ones that work in hospitals and so on close to the sickest, and I feel they're the real heroes. I hope we can appreciate them equally after this crisis is over. Blessings to all of them, no one named and no one forgotten!