2021-05-26 T minus 2 days and counting

Day (whatever....)

Hey, its me again. Yes I know y'all feel neglected, but I have other stuff going on right now. Very little left to do here in my apartment, so I have been packing little of that and more of that. Left to pack is now.... well let see now... well, zip! My clothes on the hangers wel'l take as is. My life is now packed in about 30 boxes,which is little for me. Leaving Gotland in 2002 I had almost 55 boxes, so you can imagine I have cleaned out these past years.

Anyway, went to a thriftstore (Stadsmissionen) that opened here in Märsta yesterday and bought me some shortsleeved shirts for the summer. Five of them and only 250 sek ($30) for them. As you can see I love me some colors!;)