2021-01-25 RIP Esther

Day 309-310, in this Journal

"This too will end, and a new beginning will come"
Today it was time to say goodbye to my dearest Esther, it wasn't an easy decision to come by, but since she's not been eating for the past five days and barely not drinking either. the night until Sunday, she was throwing up more than usual and it was blod in it. So this morning I contacted a vet and got an emergency time this afternoon to have her put to sleep. Her spirit has slowly been broken, and when I have taken her up in my arms she hasn't even purred. I got Esther as the hird owner of her 26th of Mars 2017 and she's been such a blessing for me here in my solitude. My heart is broken, and she will be greatly missed, never forgotten, and always loved.
Esther (Ciara) 2009-07-01 - 2021-01-25

..... And on that note remember that the Covid-19 crises aren't over yet so......

Be safe, keep your distances and wash your hands and take care of each other and your Lil selves