2020-11-25 - Many steps forward

Day 250, in this Journal

"This too will end, and a new beginning will come"

Dear Dairy,this my twohundradeandfiftieth day in this journal. So what have I learned through all of this? Well, keeping momentum is rough sometimes, but mostly doable.
Do anyone other care? No, I don't think so, which is sad as the purpose to do this in the open is to get feedback.
Will I continue writing in my Journal? Yes, at least until I come to my 365th day.

The many steps is of course having Ture here and him being such a champion walking buddy!

PS. I finished another article DS

..... And on that note remember that the Covid-19 crises aren't over yet so......

Be safe, keep your distances and wash your hands and take care of each other and your Lil selve