2020-11-13 - Friday the 13th

Day 239, in this Journal

"This too will end, and a new beginning will come"

Been yet another productive day here in Cityrats Casa, I started my day with coffee and reading while still in bed (However I didn't sleep well last night), then up and filling the dishwasher (forgot that yesterday. And then starting researching for 4 new articles coming a bit down the line. I also decided on a new goal for this year, sixty (60) articles published before new year! Does it sound crazy? No I'm closing in on my first goal now, fifty articles, so 10 more after that isn't impossible at all. I still have ideas and material enough to fill that. Later on this month I have an announcement to make. So hang in (out?) there folkz!

..... And on that note remember that the Covid-19 crises aren't over yet so......

Be safe, keep your distances and wash your hands and take care of each other and your Lil selve