Day 105, in this Journal

"This too will end, and a new beginning will come"

Last day of june today, and tomorrow it's yet another month. Wee have passed half the year of 2020 and we're still in (more or less) the same situation with the coronavirus. And my thoughts about that is, we will still be there during the rest of the year if people doesn't respect social distancing and staying home if feeling sick.

Today I went to the library and borrowed some books and requested one the had to order. I'm getting slowly back to the bookreading habit and I'm very happy about it. There's something about holding a book in your hand and exploring it. I think it's kind of a small adventure as it is, you can make it your own, establish the world inside it to your own liking.

While listening to the rain pounding on my window I cooked, today it was my famous Meat sauce and pasta, made me three boxes to freeze for later too.
And for now,

Be safe, keep your distances and wash your hands and take care of each other and your lil selves!