Day 80, in this Journal

"This too will end, and a new beginning will come"

So today I cleaned my apartment (I have been procrastinating that for a week!) and cut my hair, as it was time for that as well. I had to be careful due to the scaring behind my right ear due to the surgery. But it all worked out fine.

So 80 days has gone by since I started this adventure writing (almost) every day, is it developing? In a way yes, in other ways, not so sure. But it's a challenge for sure. Let me return to this questions on day 100, it's not so far away.

Tomorrow it's the Swedish national day πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ so then we're celebrating! And to my fellow Swedes, be safe other there!

Be safe, keep your distances and wash your hands and take care of each other and your lil selves!