Day 54, In this journal
"This too will pass"
(This post is my Sunday Philosopher re:done)

As many of us want now, is that this Covid-19 will start to decrease and we can go back to (well, maybe we will not) the life and ways we lived our lives before the outbreak. But I think we will not, we and our thoughts about life have changed, our values have changed too.

The life we had before will stay.... well before and the new paths probably will be just that; new paths! For me, there's not been so much change other than I haven't seen my grandchildren since Christmas last year. And I haven't gone out for lunch or fika with my friends for a long time now. And those few, but important times in life is precious to me and so missed. And I miss hugs!!!!![1]

I write in every post here "this too will pass"[2] because it will but when is more unclear right now. Patient is a virtue and that's what we learning every moment in time now and it's like an endless loop. I will not be discouraged, I will prevail! And so will many of us, I even dare to say some of us will flourish out of this experience.

And let's face it, this has been good for the environment, no governmental dealings could have had the same impact. So let's continue on this path, and be careful with our environment and ourselves.

SO... keep your distanves, wash your hands and be careful of both yourselves and others!
[1] I miss them LOTS!!!
[2] As a mantra of kind