Day 49, In this journal

"This too will pass"

Last night I woke up at 1:30ish and couldn't go back to sleep again, as my hands were shakings so much and feet too, and on top of that I had a panic attack. That combination is so bad, anxiety, and Essential Tremors..... Hoping the coming night will be better in every way.

In my quest to find new interesting ways of communicating I stumbled on a message service called Flock, and it looks really interesting with a lot of integrations so I would like to try it with someone. If you're interested give me a shoutout!

Roam has now stopped new signups to their beta, but you can sign up on a waitinglst. Plus I will tell you when it's possible to signup again. I'm not surprised as the product is so good, and will surely develop even more. I'm attaching screenshots of how part of my setup looks like and the graphic overview of my system so far.

One of my setups:
Graphic view of my setup:

Keep your distances, wash your hands and be safe!