Day 30, in this Journal

"This too will pass"

THis day has been to some extent about recovery and meditation, besides to usual walkabouts with Ture. And about trying to find back to 'me' again as I has felt a bit lost of late. Meditation helps a bit and takes a bit of the edge of my anexiety, it's no game having those unwelcome guests reacurring. I have undergone 4 CBT trainings with therapists, but even if have the tools the attacks can be difficult to stop. Well, I guess now it's not sio bad as I can stay at home and is not exposed so much.
It will be better after my DBS is back and working, cause a large part of my panic attacs is due to the sever shakings I have.

Tomorrow is another day, and I have the laundry room again. It's a biweekly event, and it will be good to have clean clothes and linens again.

Until next day folkz!