Day 24 and 25, in this Journal
"This too will pass"

For some reason, my posting from yesterday has just disappered, and that
s frustrating but I can write one today instead.

Today is Easterday, and today is a joyful day for us Christians. Today is the day Jesus rise from the grave. So let´s rejoice!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day, the warmth was so sweet and both me and Ture enjoyed it very much. WE went for two longer walks,
ending the day with more than 18k steps. Ture enjoy the long walks as much as me, at least I think he does. Today and yesterday I
have been catching up with my reading, I usually want to read a couple of hours a day, but recently I haven't been up to it.
Well, today and yesterday I have been reading more than the past 2 weeks together! Tomorrow I plan to do some editing in
my manuscript, the book that has been boiling for a couple of years now. Maybe I will get it ready this year?